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executive coaching

Growing from TODAY to TOMORROW

Sanjay coaches CEOs, senior executives and leadership teams across different industries and geographies. Using his “Coaching: Growing from Today to Tomorrow” framework, Sanjay has not only helped unleash the potential of senior leaders, but has also been a catalyst in the transformation of a number of businesses.

Step 1: Today – Where are you today? (Situation Assessment) 
Through a combination of phone calls, physical meetings, and pre-work, we work with individuals to establish a situation assessment of “where you are today”.  This includes a calendar audit of how you spend your time and an assessment on “what’s working” and “what’s not working” using the ThreePModel. The objective is to build on “what’s working” and manage “what’s not working”.


Step 2: Tomorrow – Where do you want to be tomorrow? (Dream) 
We work with individuals to help them define and visualize “what success looks like” in the short term (6 months and 1 year) and long term (3 years and 5 years). During each coaching session, we will review progress against these dreams and take corrective action as needed. 


Step 3: How – Growing from today to tomorrow  (Action Plan) 
Together we will develop a roadmap to help you achieve your dream and achieve better optimization of the ThreePModel. This includes actions plans to focus your time (“Focus5”), enhance key relationships within the company and outside of the company (“Circle of Influence”), and succeed in upcoming key events. 


“Most coaches have never walked the trenches and instead just talk just from gallery experience. Sanjay has seen what it takes to build a business... and built many businesses. This creates an invaluable context and a unique ability to work with heads of business and entrepreneurs, alike.” 

–Piush  Kumar, Chairman & President, HG  Global LLC


“Sanjay has an unparalleled ability to help me focus.  Sanjay is also gifted when it comes to helping me elevate my thinking out of the day-to-day, and yet still keeping me grounded on what it takes to succeed.  I am better at my job today  as a direct result of my interactions with Sanjay.  He is tremendous at moving individuals and groups closer to clarity, pushing for simplification, bridging gaps and gaining consensus in difficult situations.” 

–Lance  Neuhauser, CEO, 4C Insights 


“Sanjay’s coaching has helped connect actions with outcomes.  That in turn helped with focusing on what matters and therefore a reset of objectives. Sanjay is good at separating the noise from the real issues, and the ranking of causes in terms of materiality. Sanjay has a very effective way of getting to work your own action plan, test few options and double down on what works. He never gives you an action plan.” 

–George Zoghbi, CEO of Arnott's Biscuits Ltd;
Former Chief Operating Officer, Kraft Heinz U.S. 


“Sanjay’s input has been invaluable in assisting me in achieving my business goals.  He provided guidance to help save and grow our company. Sanjay has an amazing capacity for listening and then taking the information and putting it back to me in a manner that helps me see things more clearly. Our regular phone calls and meetings have been invaluable to my success.” 

–Naomi Whittel, CEO, W Products; Former CEO, TwinlabCorporation;
Founder & Former CEO, ReserveageOrganics


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