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"Sanjay Khosla was simply transformational for Weber…. His ability to take a strong existing business and management team and work with me and them to get us to break new ground via his “Fewer Bigger Bolder” framework and discovery sessions was simply magnificent!  He has a unique ability to quickly figure out what makes a business tick and to flesh out the dysfunction on a team.  His personality allows him to go places others simply cannot, and his true desire to see people succeed comes through and enables him to get them to go places they didn’t realize they could.  If you want to get better as a business and as a team, I would highly recommending using Sanjay to help… but don’t do it if you are not BOLD!”

Tom Koos

Former CEO

Weber-Stephen Products 


"Sanjay helped our entire company rally around fewer, bigger, bolder projects which has driven more profitable growth.  He brings practical experience, empathy, and humor to the audience.  We were all fully attentive the entire morning to Sanjay, and still quote him months later.”

David Kenny

Former Chairman and CEO

The Weather Company


"Sanjay spoke at Heinz's 2015 Global Convention in February to 300 leaders of our North American business.  His captivating presentation on focusing on fewer, bigger bets was extremely well received. After Sanjay's presentation, many of our Heinz leaders requested additional informaiton on Sanjay and his availability to speak at future Company events."

Bernardo Hees


Kraft Heinz


“Sanjay is a practical business leader with years of insightful experience. His work has given my team the confidence to make the hard choices and focus on what is important. He not only engages his audiences but shares his wisdom through real life stories.”

Kim Underhill

Global President

Kimberly-Clark Professional


"We had the privilege of Sanjay giving a keynote speech in front of a few hundred employees. Sanjay is an engaging, very insightful, charismatic speaker and able to combine well researched models, which provide a roadmap for professionals, with rich and varied real life business situations. He is able to draw from his experiences across multiple continents, business situations and global world-class brands.  His insights on "Fewer, Bigger, Bolder" is a much needed and essential addition to the vernacular of a top performing team - whether it be a sales force on the ground or executive leadership at the top of the company. We have been delighted to have Sanjay speak to our employees and intend to invite him in the future too.”

Harit Talwar

Former President, US Cards

Discover Financial Services




Fewer Bigger Bolder - From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth


In today’s digital and global world, many companies spread themselves thin by going for more – more products, more categories, and more markets.  During this session, we will share first-hand examples of how to achieve sustainable and profitable growth by doing a few things bigger and bolder.  We will also discuss how to unleash the potential of people by giving them blank checks, how to execute and make things happen, and how to celebrate failures along with successes.  



Creating a Culture of Agile Execution!


There are three types of companies: companies that make things happen, companies that watch things happen, and companies that wonder what happened.  Successful companies adapt quickly, are strategically nimble, and make things happen. This session explores how to be agile, continuously experiment, and position your business for sustained, profitable growth. This course explores principles on how to think big, start small, and scale fast; and if you fail, as you often will, how to fail fast, learn, and move on. 



Building Global Brands with Soul


Successful brands deliver consistent profitable growth while remaining relevant over time. We will discuss what needs to happen both within an organization as well as what the customer sees to inspire emotional connections with brands. This session explores what makes brands successful, how to expand brands across markets, and how to organize for success. We will also discuss stories of failure and how you can learn from making mistakes.



Blank Checks: Unleashing the Potential of People


With the stiff competition for talent in today’s marketplace, it is often difficult to attract, inspire, and retain talent. This session explores a counterintuitive approach: giving select leaders and teams “blank checks.” A blank check is a metaphor for trusting people with unlimited freedom within a framework. Results across industries have been fairly dramatic, as this method inspires creativity and allows teams to be entrepreneurial, independent of the size of the company and the industry. This course covers practical examples of entrepreneurial behavior and provides a clear, actionable framework independent of what level you are in the organization.



Winning in Emerging Markets


With the acceleration of globalization and ever-increasing impact of the digital revolution, it has become even more difficult for organizations to grow. Many companies begin to expand into highly populated countries or those with low per capita consumption. This session explores how companies can succeed in these emerging markets through lessons on how to be locally competitive, mechanisms to build sustainable business models, and experiences of companies that have made mistakes. We will also discuss how to build local capability to succeed and how to be “glocal” – get the balance right between hopelessly local and mindlessly global. 



Leadership Lessons on Growth: A Practical Framework

The command and control approach to leadership died many years back. This session explores how leadership can provide a clear direction for your business and inspire ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results by working together. This session covers practical lessons that can be applied across any industry, geography, or level in the organization.



Unleashing Growth at the Bottom of the Pyramid

There is a huge growth opportunity at the bottom of the pyramid, where traditional business models may not succeed. This session explores how to innovate in marketing and business models to achieve profitable growth.


Building a Winning Team!

 This session explores how to build an interdependent winning team using diversity of skills as a competitive advantage.  It covers lessons on why some teams fail even when members are individually brilliant.  We will discuss how successful organizations celebrate not only successes, but also failures. The approach is applicable across industries, levels in the organization, and geography. 



Evolution of Global Business Models

This course explores the development of new growth strategies for established brands through the study of one of the world’s best-known brands, Lipton Tea. Lipton launched a new strategy to “paint the world yellow” in an audacious attempt to significantly grow this very established brand. The discussion will explore the sustainability of the strategy, address questions on the evolution of the Lipton brand, and the possibility of partnership.



Glocal: How to Get the Balance Right between Mindlessly GLObal and Hopelessly LoCAL

This session explores how successful organizations manage multi-country businesses by being very clear on what is done globally and what is done locally. This is based on where the company has competitive advantage.  This course covers mistakes companies make when they have a lack of clarity on roles as well as operating functional silos. This course also provides practical lessons on how to balance between functional expertise and general management while encouraging entrepreneurial behavior throughout.



David vs. Goliath:  What do you do when there is a market disruption? 

This session covers how traditional businesses should react when there is a market disruption.  It discusses lessons from different industries and how very often you have to reinvent your own business while building on relevant strengths from the past.  It covers the importance of strategic agility in today’s fast-changing, digitized world. 

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